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Parenting Sessions

Our Junior and Middle School, in collaboration with the Mulgrave Volunteer Parent Association, has organised a series of presentations focussed on the challenges of raising confident children in today's world.

Their goal is to provide an opportunity for dialogue about some of parents' more pressing concerns. By connecting you with subject specialists and other parents, they hope you gain access to effective strategies for supporting your children as they grow.

For Parents of Pre-Teen & Teen Students
Grades 5 to Grade 12

Parenting a Teen Today
Thursday, January 12th
8:30 - 9:30am

Led by Ms. Collins and Mr. Darcy, Mulgrave Counsellors, and Martin Jones and Melissa Moore.

Strong connections with our children through their pre-teen and teen years, is a priority to most parents. Join us for an interactive workshop to discuss common challenges and arrive at actionable strategies. This workshop will provide an opportunity for dialogue about pressing concerns parents have expressed (e.g. communication strategies, alcohol & drug use, sexual activity, screen time & social media use).

Teens and Social Media
Tuesday, February 21st
6:30 to 8:00pm

Led by specialists from Safer Schools Together and hosted by Mulgrave and our Volunteer Parent Association.

Your Middle and Senior School child has now entered into the peak of their digital media lives. As a parent, you must lead the charge as a digital role model and help your child develop a strong digital citizenship foundation while reminding them that their digital tattoo is a reflection of their real and online selves. A snapshot of current trends and concerning apps will be provided to equip you in your digital parenting strategy.


February Session

NEUFELD INSTITUTE SESSION - (All Ages) Relationship Matters
Wednesday, February 8th - 8:30 to 10:00am (Fee: $20.00)

* First session in a series. It will lay the foundation for the upcoming sessions so we recommend you try to attend this one if you can.

Neufeld Institute Session #1

The greatest need humans have is for contact and closeness with others. Fostering a deep attachment with our children is the single most important factor that will keep children safe, enable them to grow and to realize their potential. In this presentation, parents will learn how their child’s attachment to them provides the natural authority needed to guide and raise them and how attachment impacts child development. Based on the approach of developmental psychologist, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Colleen Drobot will use stories and give practical examples to illustrate how parents can foster, maintain and strengthen these emotional connections.

March Session

NEUFELD INSTITUTE SESSION - (All Ages) Cultivating Resilience
Wednesday, March 1st- 8:30 to 10:00am (Fee: $20.00)

Neufeld Institute Session #2

Humans are some of the most adaptive creatures on the planet. Many of us are able to overcome adversity and find creative solutions to our problems, but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. Raising resourceful and resilient children has never been more important. Children must face disappointment, loss, and circumstances they cannot change, including when parents or other caregivers set limits or say no. Many children who are very sensitive and are affected deeply by their experience are even more in need of cultivating resilience for wounding and overstimulation. How can we as parents cultivate resilience so that our children will not only endure these experiences, but will be able to gain strength and confidence in their ability to cope with them? In this presentation, Colleen will uncover the roots of resilience and offer ideas as to how parents can foster this process in their children.

April Sessions

NEUFELD INSTITUTE SESSION - (All Ages) Parents in the Lead
Wednesday, April 12th- 8:30 to 10:00am (Fee: $20.00)

Neufeld Institute Session #3

What do our children most need from us to realize their full potential? How do we provide them with the security and rest that is vital for emotional growth and maturity? Many parents today have lost their natural authority to parent their children and are confused as to how to be in the lead yet do so with compassion and warmth. If children are able to dominate or be in charge, this can lead to all kinds of troubling problems such as bossiness, anxiety, clinginess, aggression, and other behavioral problems. In this presentation, Colleen Drobot will discuss why it is so important that we are parenting from the alpha position with our children. She will focus on how children being in their natural dependent position reduces their stress levels, fosters maturity, and restores the authority parents were meant to have.

NEUFELD INSTITUTE SESSION - (All Ages) Who's the Boss?
Wednesday, April 26th- 8:30 to 10:00am (Fee: $20.00)

Neufeld Institute Session #4

A common dynamic that is often frustrating to parents and potentially erodes the parent/child relationship is when a child balks and defies us. It can be as subtle as ignoring our requests or as blatant as telling us "You're not the boss of me!" When we ask them to clean up, get ready for school, go to bed, come to the table, be kind to their sibling, hurry up...we may be met with a "No!" or they may in fact do the opposite. Developmental psychologist, Dr. Gordon Neufeld describes this oppositional behaviour as counterwill. Although the reaction is quite normal and even healthy in certain circumstances, its manifestations and impact can be highly disruptive, making life difficult for parents and teachers. We will discuss the meaning of this deep-rooted instinct and the dynamics that control its existence and expression. Colleen will provide strategies to help adults reduce the effects of oppositional behaviour and deepen attachment and cooperation with children.

May Session

NEUFELD INSTITUTE SESSION - (All Ages) Non divisive Discipline
Wednesday, May 3rd - 8:30 to 10:00am (Fee: $20.00)

Neufeld Institute Session #5

Most every parent wants to know what to do when .... This tends to be the most pressing and universal issue in dealing with children. Finding the right answers to these questions becomes more challenging when parents are concerned about issues like attachment and healthy development and do not want their discipline methods to undermine or sabotage these processes. At the same time, however, there is the responsibility to teach the lessons that need to be learned and to impose order when required. Colleen Drobot will outline the guidelines of discipline that promote attachment between the parent and child and that are developmentally appropriate. We can indeed help bring order to our children’s behaviour without damaging the relationship. Colleen will give practical suggestions and examples to show how to incorporate them into our daily lives with our children.


Please complete the form linked here to RSVP to one, some, or all of the parenting session(s).

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If there is a fee to attend, payment will be collected at the door.


Safer Schools Together

Safer Schools Together (SST) helps schools throughout North America minimize and manage their risks of student violence with reliable, professional training. We are the first company chosen to deliver mandated provincial Violence Threat Assessment & Preventing Bullying Training to schools and communities in Canada.

Using best practice from the field of Student Violence Threat/Risk Assessment, we show you how to collect data and “connect the dots” – providing you with the tools necessary to prevent needless tragedy and violence.

ABOUT MS. Drobot

Ms. Drobot

B.Ed., Dip. Of Special Education, RPC, MPCC

Faculty, Neufeld Institute

Colleen Drobot is a registered professional counsellor and parent consultant with a private practice in West Vancouver. She works with adults for their own personal counselling or for parenting consultation. She is also an educator has over 20 years’ experience working with children in the regular classroom or in special needs settings. She also works with several school districts to help educators make sense of their students’ behaviour. She is a faculty member of the Neufeld Institute and has worked with Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s approach for many years. Colleen is a mother of two and draws from her personal as well as professional experience to support parents and professionals in gaining insight, opening their hearts and leading by their intuition.

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