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The goal of Mulgrave's GEx Service Week was to enable students to expand their educational experiences, further develop their real-world skills, and engage in meaningful and impactful service learning experiences. Social good and service learning sit at the heart of Mulgrave's vision and values, and the GEx Project, with its range of service learning opportunities, aimed to nurture students' self-awareness, generate action on a collaborative global or local project, and develop dispositions of global citizenship such as empathy, humility and intercultural understanding.

After speaking with Middle School students and teachers about their experiences during Service Week, it was great to see evidence of the impact the experience had on their perspectives. Take a look at some of what they shared.

Costa Rica Highlights - Full blog here.

  • For Ms. Chee a key highlight was getting to meet the G9s and see how their eyes lit up when they made connections about our trip.
  • Spending time at Earth University where we learnt about self sustainability, saw banana plantations, and realised that the organic bananas available at Whole Foods are from CR.
  • Learning ' a lot' about environmental sustainability from 'incredibly knowledgeable people' and exchanging ideas with indigenous people.

Fiji Highlights - Some Student Reflections

  • Gaining knowledge about the impacts of climate change.
  • Learning about cultural transitions in Fiji.
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The GEx Fiji trip was an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will relish forever. It was completely different from visiting ordinary tourist attractions that everyone else would normally go to. We were very fortunate to have a chance to visit the interior part of Fiji and to interact with local villagers. Time spent with them was personally very meaningful for me because it allowed me to have different perspective towards not only issues that Fiji is facing such as global warming and climate change but small things happening in my daily life. - Ava

Fiji was an eye-opening experience that has taught me a lot about the impacts of climate change. As Canadian students, me and my peers have the opportunity and ability to make a difference. This opportunity must not be wasted. - Avery Zhou

The trip to Fiji was an absolutely incredible experience for us grade 9's to go on since most of us are new students to Mulgrave. I felt like we needed to try out more new challenges. I suggest that everyone goes on a trip like this. - Jason Liu

The Fiji trip was an amazing experience for me to get some exercise and understand more about global warming. I surprisingly survived the high temperature and was brave enough to touch some brand new animals. I learned a lot more about the unbelievable Fijian culture and weaknesses that Mr. O has. - RRTeddy (Ray)

The GEx Trip to Fiji was truly an enlightening endeavour that educated me in regards to climate change as well as cultural traditions of Fiji. During this trip I was given the chance to help counteract global warming in a small way, assist members of various villages and surpass my personal fears and boundaries. I was truly given a different perspective on life as I look back on my life in Vancouver in comparison to my time in Fiji and a different lifestyle overall. - Dylan Fox

This year's GEx trip to Fiji has really opened my perspective of how I see the world. I have now learned the aspects and potential outcomes of global warming as well as a bit about the daily lifestyle of every villager in each village we visited. By experiencing the culture and society of every city, the "Insight Global Education" trip has changed my life. - Harvey Ma

Fiji 2017 was a truly unforgettable memory that I will forever hold on to. I was lucky enough to explore different activities that I will most likely never experience again. This trip most definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zones. As well as gaining knowledge about the impacts of climate change and a completely different culture. I can't believe I'm not excited to go back home. This trip has been a unforgettable experience. Also watching Damian McKenzie play rugby was a great experience <3. :) - Sophia

Through the GEx trip to Fiji, I was able to not only learn about the impacts of global warming on this island country, but also personally experience the wonderful culture and traditions of Fiji. As a group, we had the honour to visit a number of villages and interact with the people and discuss the problems they were facing in their everyday lives. I really appreciate how friendly and adventurous our group was, and this fun-filled experience in Fiji will forever be irreplaceable. - JinHyo

*See more here.

Tanzania Trip Overview - Student Reflections Here
By: Mr. Wilson

The G9 Global Experiential Learning Programme (GEx) Tanzania in partnership with Me to We was a rich 12-day journey, from May 14-25, into the rural communities of Maasai Mara of northern Tanzania around Oldonyowas in the District of Londigo. In the shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro, Londigo, and Meru, students camped safari-style and engaged In a wide range of service learning and intercultural experiences. They worked on the foundations of a primary school moving sand and rocks, mixing and pouring cement, crushing boulders into rocks and gravel, and twisting, bending and constructing rebar frames. They helped the local mamas carry water for their homesteads, make traditional beaded necklaces, and re-smear their bomas with cow dung. They went on morning treks with Maasai warriors on the savannah and into the local mountains, avoiding acacia wounds and watching dik-diks graze in pairs. They connected with local community and children, learning about the traditional environment, playing cultural games, using the African toothbrush, and going on a safari which overwhelmed them with elephants and giraffes. They went shopping at a local market in a simulation as a Tanzanian family and made global connections in leadership modules on international trade, the scramble for Africa, food security, clean water, poverty and inequality, education and health care, environmental sustainability and more.

Read student reflections here.

G8 Social Entrepreneurship Week

Our G8 students spent Service Week focussed on social entrepreneurship. They created pitches to help the local community and participated in a Model UN trip to UBC where they represented many different countries and discussed important social themes impacting each.

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The Middle School will take part in PHE Field Trips in place of LEAP electives from June 6-8. All middle school students are expected to attend these days, including those who typically have personal electives during this time. Students should make arrangements in order to be present for all three Field Trips.

Each day, we will depart from the Senior School entrance at Mulgrave, and travel to a variety of locations to participate in three different activities. Here is the schedule:

Grade 7 - Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Owens

Tuesday - Beach Volleyball at East Vancouver

Wednesday - Bocce Ball at Ambleside

Thursday - Quarry Rock trail walk

Grade 8 - Ms. Sanderson and Mr. Catliff

Tuesday - Bocce Ball at Ambleside

Wednesday - Quarry Rock trail walk

Thursday - Beach Volleyball at East Vancouver

Grade 9 - Mr. Wright and Ms. Brooks

Tuesday - Quarry Rock trail walk

Wednesday - Beach Volleyball at East Vancouver

Thursday - Bocce Ball at Ambleside

We will depart at 1:15pm immediately after Period 4 (students will need to bring a packable lunch) and return to Mulgrave for 3:30pm for regular pickup and buses.

Students need to bring their full Mulgrave PHE kit and water bottle on all three of these days, and will need to change in advance in order to ensure a 1:15pm departure from Mulgrave.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your Grade leads (above).

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Grade Kindergarten to 6 students will be 'Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary' on Wednesday, June 14th from 9:00 to 10:00am at their Spring Concert.

Grade 4 to 6 students will put the 'Accent on Canada' on Thursday, June 15th at 7:00pm. Band students should plan to be at school at 6:30pm, while others should arrive between 6:30 and 6:45pm. That concert will last approximately 90 minutes.

In addition to the classroom music presentations on these dates, the Junior School co-curricular choirs and the Junior School Bands will perform at their respective events. Both concerts will be held in Mulgrave's Linda Hamer Theatre.

Concert Dress For the K-3 concert, students are asked to wear black shoes, long black bottoms and white tops, with a red accent somewhere if possible, in honour of Canada; for example, on lapels or shirts or a tie.

For the G4-6 concert, dress will be the same as for assemblies: summer uniform, with blazer and tie with button-down collar shirts.

Shoes should be clean for special presentations such as this, and girls with long hair should wear it back, off the face. Students are also reminded that nail polish is not to be worn.

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming performances, marking Canada's special year!

Claude McLean
Junior School Performing Arts Coordinator

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On Tuesday May 16th the North Shore Zone Track Championships were held at Swangard Stadium. Participating for Mulgrave were student athletes Jose V. (G8) and Max E. (G10).

Jose, a long distance runner, qualified for North Shore Zones after placing second in his heat at a Preliminary event in April. On Tuesday at Zones he came 4th in the 1500m with a time of 5:00.29 and came 3rd in the 3000m with a time of 11:22.59. This means he has qualified for the G8 Provincial Championships in Langley (June 1st-3rd).

Max, a short distance runner, came in 3rd place in the 100 metre at Zones with a time of 12.05 seconds and, therefore, has also qualified for the Junior Provincial Championships in Langley in early June.

Congratulations Max and Jose and GO TITANS GO!!!

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The 2016-2017 Mulgrave Senior Tennis team was largely composed of a younger demographic. In order to best develop our team for future seasons, we registered all of our Junior players onto the Senior Team. Mulgrave Sr. Tennis team is a Single A team playing in a AA and AAA league. In addition, we brought out a handful of Grade 7 athletes who really stepped up their game and played senior competitors.

Our season was a true testament to the character of our athletes. On many occasions, our younger athletes "played up", winning their matches against athletes 2-3 years older than them (like Emily and Markus below). Although we couldn't take home all of our wins due to league rules exempting Junior players from our Senior League, we took home heaps of experience and development.


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We have some very lovely families joining the school who would love to be paired with a 'veteran' family who can show them the ropes as they begin their Mulgrave journeys. Being a buddy family involves connecting with them by phone and being accessible for questions, join them at the New Parent Reception, help them navigate those busy first weeks of school, and encourage them to attend our community events.

If you can help, please contact the following MVP reps:

Amy Yuen - Grades K-2 - amycyuen@gmail.com

Eve Chang - Grades 3-6 - eve@lyragrowth.com

Ira Vergani - Grades 7-9 - ira.vergani@gmail.com

Helen Joannou - Grades 10-12 - joannouh@gmail.com

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Issue 34.16-17

JUNE 16, 2017

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