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Dear Members of the Mulgrave Community,

As we come to the end of another successful school year, we would like to extend our very best wishes to you and to your friends and family for a most wonderful summer in which you can relax and enjoy time together.

As a community, we have earned a rest! Together, we have once again, achieved so much to take our Mulgrave education to a new level. From another successful graduating class who have earned some very impressive university places, to our Middle School students who have been inspired by a very rich range of elective choices, to our very youngest students who have made so many gains in acquiring basic numeracy and literacy skills; there is evidence everywhere of student success and students pushing the boundaries of personal best. Beyond academics, the richness and diversity of a Mulgrave education has been evident everywhere throughout the year in athletics, service, performing arts and outdoor education strands.

These achievements are based on the critical relationship between students, parents and teachers and the fact that we share a common goal which is the highest possible quality of education for our children. So much of who we are, and how highly we achieve, is based on this very rich partnership.

At a Board and leadership level, there have been so many highlights of the year, including the resounding approval of both the IB and the Council of International Schools (CIS) as part of our 5-year review, the launch of our strategic plan, a record number of applications to our school, the decision to move ahead with the new West Wing Extension, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback via the stakeholder questionnaire.

We are very much looking forward to the coming year. We have some great new teachers in all divisions to enrich the education of our children further. We have new diploma courses to launch in the Senior School, and exciting and innovative initiatives in every division to ensure that the broad skills and dispositions of our students are further enhanced.

New families will join us in the fall, and we know that they will be welcomed with open arms. We will have the chance to support them as they build new relationships in our community and as they make their own contributions that will inspire excellence in our young people.

But all of that is for August. Enjoy the long, hot and lazy days, cherish friends and family, read widely, and continue to help others less fortunate than us in the world.

Our very best wishes,

Harry Wierenga
Chair of the Mulgrave Board of Directors

John Wray
Head of School

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