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Entrance Scholarships

Senior School Entrance Scholarships

Mulgrave School is pleased to announce that from the start of the 2017-18 school year, we will be offering four scholarships of up to 100% of fees for students moving from Grade 9 to 10 or Grade 10 to 11 who reside* on the Northshore of Vancouver.

It is our goal to continue to attract a diverse student body united in our shared passion for international education, global citizenship, the arts and/or athletics. We know that there are many excellent students who may wish to take advantage of a Mulgrave education whose family may not fully have the financial means to do so. To this end, Mulgrave is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities for students who wish to complete their senior years at Mulgrave.

We have four (4) generous scholarships, which include up to a 100% reduction in tuition fees until graduation and a waiver of the family deposit.

As a university-preparatory school, Mulgrave offers a stimulating IB programme that helps prepare students for post-secondary education and beyond. Our graduates are supported by three full-time university guidance counsellors, and in 2016, Mulgrave graduates earned over $750,000 in merit scholarships to the schools of their choice.

Eligibility criteria for an entrance scholarship include a record of strong academic achievement, a commitment to service, the fine arts and/or athletics, excellent SSAT results, and a successful interview with the Director of Admissions, Principal or Head of School. Families applying for scholarship places should indicate that there is a financial need to do so.

Applicants must follow the regular application procedures; you will be asked to provide additional information in support of your application if you indicate that you wish to be considered for the Mulgrave Senior School Entrance Scholarship.

This scholarship is not open to students or the siblings of students currently enrolled at Mulgrave School.

For further information about our Senior School Entrance Scholarship, please contact our .

*Qualified students will have lived on the Northshore for at least 5-years in order to be considered for this scholarship.

Application Procedures
  • Students interested in being considered for an entrance scholarship must submit a general online application.
  • When applying, please indicate that you wish to be considered for the Senior School Entrance Scholarship. You will be asked to provide additional information in support of your application.
  • Separate from the general application, candidates must submit the student questionnaire.
  • In addition to the questionnaire, candidates must submit a short essay, outlining goals for their time at Mulgrave and beyond.
  • The SSAT must be completed as results from the SSAT will be considered as part of the application process.
  • Families applying for scholarship places should do so on the basis of significant financial need. If offered a place, you will be required to submit some personal financial information to an independent assessor to determine the level of scholarship awarded.

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