Applicant Questionnaire

If you are applying to Grades 6-11, please download this questionnaire and submit it as part of your application package. You may write directly on the form or submit a separate document with your answers. 

Application Process

Prior to submitting on online application, we invite you to contact our Admissions Office to arrange for a tour of the school. We welcome families to visit us and submit applications throughout the school year. Our admissions process is done on a continuous basis, subject to space availability within each grade.

  • IMPORTANT: Please view the Important Dates to be sure you complete your application on time. We hold assessments for the following year’s Kindergarten and PK3 and PK4 places in November and January of the prior year; it’s important to have your application in so as not to miss this opportunity.


All applicants are requested to submit an Online Application Form. The Form includes further information about the admissions process. 


Once your Online Application Form has been submitted, you will need to send the following documents to our Admissions Office:

  • Recent passport size photo. (Upload to the Online Application Form or submit with other documents.)
  • Teacher Observation Form from the applicant’s school. Forms are provided when you apply online. (Not required for Kindergarten or Early Learning Centre.)
  • Signed Records Request Waiver Form that allows Mulgrave School to contact the student's previous school and obtain any relevant records. (Not required for Kindergarten or Early Learning Centre.) 
  • Application Fee of $250.00. (This should be a personal cheque made payable to Mulgrave School. This fee is non-refundable.)
  • Copies of most recent report cards.
  • Completed applicant questionnaire for students entering Grades 6-11. 
  • Copy of Canadian birth certificate. If born outside Canada, a copy of the permanent resident card or citizenship card, or student’s study visa and parent’s work/study visa.


Once the Admissions Office has received the application and documents, you will be contacted to arrange for an interview and assessment. As an independent school, we strive to create a learning environment that is conducive to the growth and well-being of all the students in the community. Assessments and interviews are an integral part of our admissions process.

  • Early Learning Centre applicants and their parents are scheduled to meet with the Principal of the ELC.
  • Kindergarten applications are required to complete a “School Readiness” assessment.
  • Applicants to Grades 1 through 6 are required to write an assessment on-site.
  • Applicants for Grades 7 through 12 should register for the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT). You must provide Mulgrave's code (5263) when you register in order for the test results to be sent to Mulgrave. For more information about the SSAT test, click here.


An interview will be scheduled once a student has applied and all documents have been received. Along with the interview and assessment, the following factors are used in consideration for admission:

  • Determining whether Mulgrave is the right school for meeting your child’s learning needs.
  • Parental understanding and support of Mulgrave School’s philosophy and practices.

Once the selection process has taken place, all candidates will be contacted in writing by the Admissions Office.

Inspiring Excellence in Education and Life

At Mulgrave integrity is embraced and the spirit of community is alive. From the moment you drive through the school gates, you begin to appreciate what makes us unique.

Mulgrave and Education Agents

Please note that Mulgrave does not work directly with education agents, nor do we accept fees from education agents. Prospective students are invited to submit their online application and provide the required documents directly to Mulgrave. If you require support with the admissions process, please contact us directly.