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Message from Head Boy and Head Girl

It is with great excitement that we welcome you to Mulgrave School and its vibrant community. As you will notice walking our halls, watching classes, reading the newsletter and more, Mulgrave is home to remarkable people and opportunities. It has been our pleasure to have been a part of this community for many years already. As we reflect on our final year, we are overcome with both great fervour and trepidation. It is thanks to the moments we have spent at this school and within its community that we are who we are today.

Though both of us arrived at the school in different years, we can say without a doubt that becoming part of the Mulgrave community could not have been easier. Whether you join in Grade 6 or Grade 10, as was our case, the school is always eager to welcome you. Grade groups are small, which allows new students to quickly form strong connections with existing students. What is particularly special about Mulgrave is that friendships are not limited to those within your own grade. In the Senior School for example, we have been lucky enough to be a part of a tight knit group of Grade 10s, 11s, and G12s for a number of years. What we have found meaningful about these relationships is the wealth of knowledge and advice that the 'older' students have been able to provide us with over the years. It is these characteristics that make the Mulgrave community different from any other.

While social connections remain important at Mulgrave, students strive throughout the year to achieve excellence in the four strands: Arts, Academics, Athletics, and Service. This balanced focus allows students to engage in their interests, stay challenged academically and develop important skills such as time management. Within the school, students can take part in a wealth of extra-curricular activities and clubs. From cross country to tennis, gardening club to the design team, a student at Mulgrave is in no way short of opportunities. Not only does this encourage students to form deep connections with others who they may not otherwise meet, but it also allows students to explore potential interests, and broaden their horizons. During our time at Mulgrave, we have both been avid participants in the annual school play, members of choir groups, and student council. The benefits these opportunities have provided us are beyond value.

If one were to look beyond the student body at Mulgrave, what they would find would be a passionate, caring, and dedicated group of teachers. Mulgrave students are fortunate enough to be constantly spurred on by teachers in every subject. The rigour and challenge that the IB programme presents could not be met with the success it is without their unshakeable support. They ensure that while students achieve their best in their IB classes, they are also being exposed to material relevant to the world we will face in the future. Mulgrave teachers never fail to make their classes interesting and engaging while simultaneously challenging their students to the appropriate level.

We are so happy to share with you everything Mulgrave has to offer; here, we have grown and become who we are. In true Mulgrave spirit, please do not hesitate to say hello to us in the hallways when you come visit.

We look forward to meeting you,

Nicholas Belluk & Daisy Harris
head boy and head girl at Mulgrave
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