Student Awards

The awards ceremonies are held near the end of each school year.  The purpose of these events is to celebrate and encourage the successes of our students, and foster a caring and supportive community.

For the Mulgrave Award, given to students in every grade from K-12, the following criteria applies:

Students are expected to strive for…

Manners - We expect your best manners both in and out of school.
Uniqueness - Your individuality will distinguish you.
Love of Learning - When you love what you are doing, learning is easy.
Generosity of Spirit - Think of others and be a giver rather than a taker.
Respect - Show respect for yourself and others at all times.
Attitude - A positive attitude is the key to success and happiness.
Verve - Show your inner spark!
Excellence - Strive for it in everything you do.

2014 Senior School Awards