Summer Reading Lists

School’s Out for Summer? Maybe for some, for others not yet…..but the Summer Reading Lists are Ready!

Summer is the ideal time to relax and the perfect opportunity to get lost in an exciting adventure story or mystery book, read something historical or imagine the future through science fiction. 

We are happy to have our annual Summer Reading Lists published early this year, ready for those already beginning to plan trips, days at the cottage or stockpiling for rainy days at home!  We hope that by choosing and reading some of these books, literacy skills and enjoyment of reading will be enhanced.

Why Summer Reading?

Dr. Seuss wrote, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go."

Research clearly shows that students who read over the summer, improve academically and those who do not read, backslide.  In other words, those who elect to read during the summer demonstrate academic growth over the summer as well as over the school year.  Summers filled with reading can account for significant differences in literacy development and academic growth in students!

Our Summer Reading Programme is created to inspire reading.  In addition, selections have been made to fulfill the main aims of the IBO curriculum at all grade levels. These lists include a wide range of multi-cultural-international fiction chosen for its potential to stimulate curiosity and creativity; provoke thought and reflection; provide hope and, make you laugh. 

Please take a look at our suggested summer reading lists below and head to the public library, search the family bookshelf, or browse your favourite bookstore for those fabulous stories.  Launch yourself on the path of becoming a life-long reader.  Summer Reading is not just a free choice but a wise one too! 

Best wishes for a wonderful summer vacation and happy reading!