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    A Rose by any Other Name: The Fraser Institute’s Elementary School Rankings

    Posted March 6, 2015

    The Fraser Institute ranks our school highly every year. This is flattering, but I wonder: How would they know? Actually, the answer is they don’t know. The Fraser Institute has never known because its methodology – the ‘science’ –they purport to use is conceptually flawed and downright contrived. The Fraser Institute knows this, yet steams ahead regardless, driven by its unsupported and ill-conceived belief that rankings benefit schools.

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    Cypress: Mulgrave's Alumni Magazine

    Posted December 19, 2014

    Follow this link to read the first issue of Cypress: Mulgrave's Alumni Magazine.

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    IB DP - The Ideal Preparation for University

    Posted December 17, 2014

    The IB programme at Mulgrave is designed to nurture independent learners with compassionate viewpoints and a critical eye - students that care about more than just grades. According to IBWorld, those qualities are what attract universities to IB students.

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    Kodos, the IB and the Trouble with AP

    Posted November 6, 2014

    When I was seven years old, my oldest brother made a science fiction film called Kodos. Kodos was a labour of love – recruiting his teenage friends as actors, raiding my mother’s beauty supplies for actors’ make-up, and filming in 8mm glory over six long weeks. In the end, he spliced together a grainy, seven-minute thriller about an alien race and a doomsday device complete with a cliché flame burning a hole in the film for his ending. The other weekend, my 12-year-old son made a film with two of his friends using an iPad, iMovie and Dropbox. They finished in 48 hours and I watched it on my phone.

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    From Good to Great: Mulgrave's Strategic Plan [Infographics]

    Posted October 31, 2014

    Recently, John Wray held an Open Door session to give new families an opportunity to learn more about the history of Mulgrave, where we stand today, and where we are going. Mr. Wray's passion and vision for the school were palpable and underscored the bright future ahead of us. Here are some highlights of the presentation.

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